By its experience, SPC is able to product filling pumps which retain their precisions for volumes less than 0.1ml

  • A design that can be done to one bloc for connections
  • Materials approved by FDA (Stainless steel 316L, Alumina ou Zircon ...)
  • Different coatings adapted to your filling pressures
  • Stern Chromium
  • Stern Chromium + CrN
  • Kolsterizing
  • DLC
  • Other on demand
  • Stainless steel 316L
  • Ceramic Alumina
  • Ceramic Zircon Yttriee
  • Ceramic Zircon Magnesia
  • PEEK
  • Other on demand
    • An advanced expertise for over 50 years
    • Volumes ranging from 0.001ml to 100ml 
    • A design adapted to the requirements of FDA and GMP
    • A precision recognized on volumes < to 0.1ml
    • Pumps which can be cleaned on the machine without dismantling
    • A precision +/- 0.1%*
    • A one-piece design of connections
    • Surface states validated by manufacturing processes
    • A piece design adaptable to your filling pressures


According to filling conditions consistent with SPC recommendations

Liste des applications liées à ce produit :
  • Distribution by groove
  • Distribution by glyph
  • Long guidance (piston et/ou bushel)
  • Cup(s) of lubrication
  • Differential KIT SPC for Bosch machines
  • IC Control (alignment control tool)
  • Geomax (arrow control tool on the pistions) 
  • Custom game with realisation of products tests according to your production conditions
  • Other on demand