Half automatic dosage machine, integrable for filling flasks, bottles, serynges, cartridges, tubes, blisters, bulbs 12 pumps

The Malys OEM module is an autonomous whole of compact dosage integrable in a filling line or in a chassis in an autonomous version.


It is composed of mecananics assembly proved and without play, controled by a numerical order of axis. A translation axis by pump and a rotational axis set of 6 pumps.


The modular concept allows compact configuration, from 1 to 6 pumps but can be simply extended up to 24 pumps by completing the automaton functions.


The internal memory of the automaton allows the storage of an infinity recipes.


Several acces levels allows to accede, ( via the entrances and exits of the automaton ), to the parameters of pumps and the dosage from the control panel of the filling line or from the control panel machine.


Waterproof, without retention, made of stainless steel 316L electrolytically polished, Malys OEM reponds totally of BPF and CGMP demands and the other health standards. Malys OEM is compatible with most cleaners and bio-decontamination systems.


The main features : 

- Robust conception 

- Pump without seal with rotary piston

- Compact machine

- Mechanical assemblies without play allowing high precision and repeatable displacement

- Design in accordance with requirements for installation in Class A laminar flow

- Repeatability up to 1% of the volume 

- Common motorisation of the rotation of the pistons for distribution

- Low maintenance, simple lubrication of some rolling elements


Technical specificities :

Characterization in stainless 316L with electrolytic polishing.

Fast assembly of the pumps thanks to the patented Klyx®, with no tools and no play. 

Fixing of the isostatic pumps with movements transmission by rolling elements to recapture the misalignments to limit the phenomenon of jamming.

Training by brushless motors with closed loop

Independant motorisation of each piston of pump allowing a digital fitting unit dosage and the management of the lack of bulb.


Controls :

- Programmable automaton by Panasonic

- Communication with the filling line by entrances and exits

- Provision of an industrial PC with Microsoft operating system server

- Industrial PC installed in the electrical cabinet to facilitate interventions

- MalyPass Software under Movicon

- Touch screen in a standard stainless stell cabinet

- KVM Module to allow the offset to distance from the display and the control of the PC ( via Ethernet cable ). Location next screen KVM module to define


Services :

- Expertise of the fluidic chain before encryption

- Tests with customer product or placebo

- Driver training of Malys

- Training on pumps maintenance


Stands :

- Operator manual

- Mechanical maintenance manual

- Electrical maintenance manual

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