Simposio AFI - Rimini, Italia

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The topic of this year  is « the contribution of pharmaceutical industry to improve the quality of life  »

This will cover all aspects of mecines research, production and use.

In this edition, we will get the support, now traditional of the Pharmaceutical Ticinese Association, the Controlled Release Society and a lot of friends and colleagues of Italian Agence of medicine, Health ministry, the National Institut of health, the University of industrials associations.

The choice of topics and programming was formulated to involve participants, encourage cultural exchanges between colleagues and especially to minimize the overlap of similar topics to allow each participant to chooce the most appropriate topics for their needs.


The 54th Symposium, organized in 9 workshops and 10 technico-scientific sessions and plenary session, is  officially open wednesday afternoon with the inaugural speech of the AFI Prof president Alessandro Rigamonti followed by Dr Master Sergio Dompé, president of Dompé pharmaceutique.