SPC Group, through its experience is also training organization and accompanying the customer through intakes at both the mechanical components, manufacturing processes or the risk management or other subjects requested. We can provide practical and theoretical training.





The target is to sensitize your teams to the sterile liquid filling and the ways to get better results and/or limit the damage and wear particularly for volumetric filling pumps. 


You can find below the different themes which can be studied:

  • Different principles: volumetric / debimetric / Time pressure
  • Filling string : from the tank to the container
  • Volumetric pumps piston type / cylinder / principle / distribution
  • Leakage, coatings, surface treatments. Materials, assembling
  • Filling pumps are brittle - source of the destruction:
  • Les pompes sans joint sont fragiles - causes de destruction : Deformation / drying Products / Types of shock / Dry Work
  • Manufacturing process for pumps: Cylinder / Piston / Piston + Cylinder
  • Causes of degradation
  • Components performance controls


All the things listed upstream are developed during one day and detrailed with practical and pedagogic tools (samples, parts, broken parts ...).

All the subjects linked to each user are talked. 

This program represent the minimum time requested to understand well the methods ans their consequences.