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You have a new product to fill, a filling process or machine to improve, filling problems, unknown factors that disrupt your production? 

SPC has a huge experience in high technical filling and capping projects. We have developed our own design office in order to help you with your special projects for which the standard market supply is inadequate.

We can support a full study project by staking the necessary steps to complete the transition from one phase to another.

This operation by milestones with validation can help control development costs.


The various steps in these studies are as follows:

· Project Launch.

· Statement of Requirement.

· Validation of need.

· Feasibility study

· Feasibility phase with testing and prototyping with if necessary

· Choice of solution

· Preliminary project design

· Validation of the draft

· Detailed design


The project can be completed with the V cycle approach to best prepare for the future qualification of equipment.

SPC works regularly on critical projects where confidentiality remains the watchword and allows our customers to have an edge in their market.