Custom pumps manufacturing SPC

Piston pumps for DARA machines

SPC is a specialist in customization of your pieces. That implied the adaptation of a piece to your filling pressures.

The customization may be partial or total depending on the degree of association between a piece and a product to be dosed.

We have to consider many parameters as filling conditions, the state of the machine, the product characteristics...

Our technicians can perform filling tests to validate or not technical directions and thus allow you to get the piece which corresponds the best with your expectations and pressures.

  • A design that can be done to one bloc for connections
  • Materials approved by FDA (Stainless steel 316L, Alumina ou Zircon ...)
  • Different coatings adapted to your filling pressures
  • Stern Chromium
  • Stern Chromium + CrN
  • Kolsterizing
  • DLC
  • Other on demand
  • Stainless steel 316L
  • Ceramic Alumina
  • Ceramic Zircon Yttriee
  • Ceramic Zircon Magnesia
  • PEEK
  • Other on demand
  • An advanced expertise for over 50 years
  • Volumes ranging from 0.01ml to 100ml
  • A design adapted to the requirements of FDA GMP
  • A precision recognized on volumes < to 0.1ml
  • Pumps which can be cleaned on the machine without dismantling
  • A precison +/- 0.1%*
  • A one-piece design of connections
  • Surface states validated by manufacturing processes
  • A piece design adaptable to your filling pressures


*According to filling conditions consistent with SPC recommendations

Liste des applications liées à ce produit :
  • Gel
  • Waterlike
  • Suspensions
  • Creams
  • Syrup
  • Distribution by groove
  • Distribution by glyph
  • Long guidance (piston and/or bushel)
  • Cup(s) de lubrication
  • IC Control (alignment control tool)
  • Geomax (arrow control tool on the pistions) 
  • Custom game with realisation of products tests according to your production conditions
  • Other on demand