Multifunction check bench for needles

Tools for control

The check bench for needles, injector, spout, tubes ans other cannulas allows to verify independently the state of your pieces. It has two main posts of checks and a cumputer viewing the image of the monitoring camera.

The bench allows to achieve four checks :

·       Check of the straightness by using a ruler.

·       Extension of the image using a camera to check the state of the end of the needle especially for needles equiped with an eye.

·       Check of the coaxiality of the needle tube compared to the guidance diameter of the socket thanks to the camera. 

·       Check of the length either by gauge with contact or laser ( if no contact desired )






- Decrease of drops, splashes and other filling faults by elimination of not consistent needles

- Facilitate the internal management of the needles stock


Liste des applications liées à ce produit :
  • Needles
  • Injectors
  • Spouts
  • Tubes
  • Cannulas

- Management of the needles stock on the checking PC

- Other possible checks on demand

- Creation / printing of check report


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