Half automatical filling machine table-top for filling vials, bottles, syringes, bulbs in nest, 1 pump.

Very accurate filling machine table-top to 1 pump, for filling vials, bottles, syringes, bulbs in nest. Malys Benchtop is able to manage a large number of products, from a very fluid liquid to a very thick gel.

Its compactness makes it easy to transport and install. The pump is easely install thanks to Klyx® fasteners. This system allows a perfect isostatism of the pump.

Movement management is conducted in a closed loop with fine adjustment of all required parameters for the filling. The touch screen control is integrated to the front and allows the recipes management and filling parameters with three user levels. Its use is very simple and intuitive.

The volume calibration is by a simple entry of weighing, the machine automatically calculates the correction to make.

The recipes are saved in library on the machine, their quantity is almost illimited.

The machine is certified CE thanks to its safety cover protecting the operator. An external entrance allows to connect a foot switch to trigger the filling or to connect the machine to a packaging line.




  • Filling system in high precision
  • Ideal for small flexible productions
  • Format change in less than 5 minutes
  • Designed for laminar airflow using or RABS and isolators
  • Table top conception for an easy installation
  • Possible to incorporate on small single lines
Applications linked to this product :
  • Gel
  • Waterlike
  • Suspensions
  • Creams
  • Syrup

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