You have a new product to be determined, parameters changing, a new machine and you do not have the ability to perform tests on your systems?


We have the solution.

SPC through its experience in the different dosing systems for over 50 years is able to recreate your filling conditions in our laboratory.

Beforehand, a technician with you (with or without movement) in the specifications definition describing the characteristics of your line / filling machine and the purpose of the tests to be conducted.

Once this stage, our technicians will carry on our facilities representative tests.

Different tests can be performed with different objectives:

· Pumps compatibility with product(s)

· Pump functional stroke Optimization

· Revamping: general sizing and selection of tubing, needle ...

· Check dosing accuracy in the filling machine pre-project 

· Production Simulation 1 day including stop simulation, verification of the non-seizing pumps and statistical weight controls 

· Monitoring of the effort on a pump during operation with recording of stress peaks

· Improvement of the capping workstation Corking station optimization, in particular improved mechanical block

At the end of tests, SPC will send you a detailed report with our recommendations