Our experts can analyse both your filling line and some mechanical components of this one. 

SPC offers two levels of expertise: 

1/ Expertise of your facilities, filling lines and control of the parts life cycle in your production unit.

2/ Expertise of your parts such as pumps and needles.


This expertise can be done on our manufacturing facility or in the customer one (depending on the expertise to do). 


Some examples of current problems encountered by our customers: 

· Pumps sized and/or blocked on the machine 

· Bubbles on filling station

· Dispersion of volume or weight on filling stations

· Black spots, "charbonnage" on vials

· Pumps renewed too frequently, spoiling too fast, short life

· Excessive startup time due to too long volume settings

· Ergonomics of the filling station

· Time format change

· Blocking of the mechanical capping station 


Examples of components for which SPC offers his expertise:

· Pumps blocked undismantled (never force on the pump. Send it to SPC for more chance to save it!)

· Pumps with traces of wear and friction

· Pumps with colored deposits

· Pumps with twisted piston

· Needles twisted, damaged eye


Each expertise results are listed in a detailed report with an overview, an objective opinion on the likely causes in cases of expertise related to a problem as well as recommendations to solve a problem or improve a facility.