Refurbishment of mechanical parts

You have damaged parts lying around in your drawers or a shelf? You think they are good to throw? Think again !


Most parts (filling pumps, needles, stopper pushers...) can be repaired!


Our technicians perform what we call a refurbishment by replacing some damaged items to get to your new functional parts "waste".

You should know that prices are on average 50% cheaper than new parts and reduced manufacturing time of approximately two weeks.

This may represent savings in time and money while recycling many unused parts.

Sometimes parts are declared non-repairable, in this case we are entitled to provide a certificate attesting to and if you like we can take care of the destruction (with providing a certificate as well).


The operation is as follows:

- Reception of the parts in SPC

- First control - it is a visual analysis in order to check the overall condition of the part (free) / Time 24 to 48h

- 1st result (repairable or not) / For pumps this step is not enough because only visual controls 

- Pre-diagnostic - 2nd control with dechroming and "rodage" of the cylinder / 2 weeks time

- Result of the pre-diagnostic

- If we can repair the part start of the refurbishment


For other parts the first control will in most cases tell us if the part can be repaired.

The result of these controls will lead to a maintenance, (part with few repairs), for two and three parts pumps a second level of refurbishment and finally depending on the control  if deemed necessary a refurbishment.

These refurbishments gives you fully compliant parts with FDA rules.